LI 10 (Shousanli/Shǒusānlǐ, 手三里) 7 4041 收藏



On the line between LI 5 (Yangxi) and LI 11 (Quchi), 2 Cun below the crease of the elbow.


Weakness of arms and upper limb paralysis;

Abdominal pain and diarrhea;

Toothache and swollen cheek.


Unblocks meridians and collaterals;

Relieves swelling and pain;

Unblocks intestines and benefits Fu-organs.


Perpendicularly insert the needle to a depth of 0.8 to l.2 Cun



LI 10 (Shousanli) for stiff neck (Luo Zhen)


Vertically insert a filiform needle (#30, 2 Cun) into LI 10 (Shousanli) on the diseased side, 1-1.5 Cun in depth. The lifting and thrusting techniques for reducing effect are primarily applied, with twisting and rotating techniques being combined, for 2-5 minutes. When local soreness, numbness, and distention appear, ask the patient to move the neck, gradually increasing the speed and extending the range of movement. Retain the needle for 15 minutes. After the withdrawal of the needle, the neck pain can be greatly relieved, with wider movement range.      


Treatment principles for stiff neck are unblocking qi and blood and relieving acute attack of diseases and pain. LI 10 (Shousanli) is in the forearm,2 Cun inferior to cubital crease, on the line between LI 5 (Yangxi) and LI 11 (Quchi). It is on the large intestine meridian of hand-Yangming which enjoys rich yang qi. In Chinesemedicine, “points are indicated for diseases located along the courses of meridians which they pertain to”, stimulating LI 10 (Shousanli) can promote qi in large intestine meridian of hand-Yangming, which indicates unblocking the meridian qi in the neck, activating qi and blood in meridians and collaterals along the neck, and nourishing tendons, bones and muscles. “Smooth flow of qi and blood means no pain”; therefore, neck movement can be improved and pain relieved.

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