​ LI 12 (Zhouliao/Zhǒuliáo, 肘髎) 5 6504 收藏


When the elbow is 90-degree flexed, it’s located on the lateral side of humeral bone, 1 Cun superiorly-laterally above LI 11 (Quchi).


Pain, numbness, spasm of elbow and arm.


Unblocks meridians, disperses blood stasis and relieves pain.


Perpendicularly insert the needle to a depth of 0.5 to l Cun.



LI 12 (Zhouliao) for facioplegia in initial stage

Yulin Li, the late Chinese medicine master from Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, treated peripheral facioplegia in initial stage by stimulating LI 12 (Zhouliao) only and achieved good outcomes.


Locate LI 12 (Zhouliao) on the healthy side, instruct the patient to be in sitting position or lie on his/her back, and disinfect the local area. Then insert the filiform needle (1.5Cun) into LI 12 (Zhouliao) perpendicularly, with a depth of 0.3-0.5 Cun. After obtaining qi (De Qi), firmly twirl the needle clockwise and forward, 720 degrees, gently lift the needle, the needle tip pointing to the shoulder, and the hand holds the needle all along. After manipulating the needle for 5-7 minutes, twirl the needle forward, 360 degrees. Then, perform warm needling for 10 minutes and withdraw the needle.


LI 12 (Zhouliao) is a point on the large intestine of hand-Yangming. Yangming meridians travel up to the face and meridian tendons meet at the cheek. Therefore, LI 12 (Zhouliao) can be stimulated to unblock Yangming meridians, dispel wind, and disperse dampness. In addition, Yangming meridians are rich in qi and blood. Warm needling can boost healthy qi, regulate qi and blood, nourish tendons and muscles, which contributes to fast therapeutic effects.

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