Paired points for dispelling wind and relieving itching III -- GB 31(Fengshi) & SP 10 (Xuehai) 10 10848 收藏

Actions of the individual point

GB 31(Fengshi), on the spleen meridian of foot-taiyang, is at the midline on the lateral aspect of the thigh, 7 Cun superior to the popliteal crease. Since it is a main point to treat weakness and feebleness of the legs and itching of the whole body, GB 31 is called Fengshi (wind market). This point  has actions of  dispelling wind, resolving dampness, and unblocking meridians and collaterals, so it is indicated for paralysis of the lower limbs caused by stroke, wilt and impediment (Bi) of the lower limbs, beriberi, and itching of the whole body.


SP 10 (Xuehai)on the spleen meridian of foot-taiyang. When the knee is bent, it can be located on the medial aspectof the thigh, two Cun superior to the medial aspect of the patellar bottom, on the bulge of the vastus medialis muscle. Since it is where the meridian qi starts to emerge and where the spleen blood gathers, it is effective for patterns of blood level and is called Xuehai (the sea of blood). This point has actions of dispelling wind, clearing heat, and harmonzing qi and blood.

Combination actions

GB 31 (Fengshi) is effective for patterns of qi level and mainly contributes to dispel wind and relieve itching, while SP 10 (Xuehai), specialized in treating patterns of blood level, mainly contributes to activate blood and relieve itching. When they are combined, they exert better actions from qi and blood in nourishing blood, resolving dampness, dispelling wind, and relieving itching.


1. Rubella and urticaria

2. Eczema, ulcer and sore

3. Insomnia


The combination of GB 31 (Fengshi) and SP 10 (Xuehai) is from the Gold Needle Wang Leting (Jin Zhen Wang Leting) which says :" When GB 31(Fengshi) and SP 10 (Xuehai) are combined, they have actions of nourishing blood and dispelling wind. They are mainly indicated for symptoms from wind invasion  due  to blood deficiency. In addition, GB 31 (Fengshi) is effective for pattern of qi level, while SP 10 (Xuehai) is for patterns of blood level. The combination can be used to elimimate interior wind-dampmess in the blood level. Thus, the two points are paired to treat eczema, uncer, sore, rubella, and urticaria which are with predominant dampness.


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